Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gone til November.

October seriously flew by, as I took down my Halloween decor today I realized next Halloween we will be in Granite Bay! I do that a lot, think about something that will be our "last" in Provo and get really excited or sad. Last Thanksgiving near family, sad. Last time it takes twenty minutes to travel 3 miles on University Pkwy and avenue, ecstatic! Last time I have to live within a stone's throw of University of Utah fans, there are no words to describe my delight. We attended a few Halloween parties and instead of spending money I pulled out a couple little treasures from my costume box. Sorry there are no pictures of us, Jason wore a Mexican wrestling mask, a la Nacho Libre. I was a 50s girl with a poodle skirt from middle school and fake glasses. The day after Halloween I realized I should have been this..

A rap group called LMFAO, unless you haven't turned on the radio in two years you have heard their big hit, Party Rock, many times. I could have been the guy on the right wearing some painted plastic glasses, bright shirt and skinny jeans and using my natural hair's only redeeming quality, fro out my curls like nobody's business. Here's to hoping they are still popular next year!

On another note, our Grandpa Skanchy passed away on Monday. He was a patriarch for our church and the kindest man. He will be greatly missed, but there isn't a doubt in my mind that we won't be thinking about him every time we visit the temple, since he frequently took his grandchildren and was so knowledgable about the gospel.

Jason is doing great in school, and I'm still really enjoying my job. Except I have to make more trips to the gym. We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in St. George with family!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Folks.

I can't think of anyone who doesn't love fall. Especially in a state like Utah where you get to experience the leaves changing and all the fun holidays that come after the fall season. Jason is busy studying in classes like Gifts and Estate Tax and constantly asks me to write his humanities papers (fat chance). I am throughly enjoying being covered in frosting and smelling like cookies after work. We have had a few family events the past couple months and I'm glad I have my iphone to chronicle and photograph these moments. Hurrah technology and R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Jason is still in mourning.

I finally finished my summer project, a gray, yellow, and black themed photo montage! I guess this is what people do before they have babies. I'm not usually into interior decorating or crafty things but I really craved something unique on our bare wall. I painted about half of these frames, sorry about the awkward angle I tried to get a picture without a glare.

We have a new member in the Howell family! Jeff, the youngest brother, married his high school sweetheart from Granite Bay in the Salt Lake Temple. We are so happy for them! I love this picture of Caitlin and her dad, so sweet.

The newest sister!

Jason and Chad, groomsmen and brothers for life.

Holly and the kids came up for the wedding and heart-attacked our door on their way home! It almost made me cry the hearts were adorable, hilarious and very thoughtful from my nieces and nephews. I felt so loved.

My mom came out to visit Holly and we used it as an excuse for a wild and crazy foodie weekend in Vegas! Seriously we ate so well and so much. This stud is Scott Conant, Food Network chef and we ate the most delicious ravioli and caramel budino dessert at his restaurant. Calories will remain unknown. Peace, love and pasta indeed Scott.

We had a little too much fun without our husbands...

On another food note, look how cute this cake is. I can't handle it. Order one from Cupcake Chic, 9 inch is 42.00, 7 inch is 28.00 and this 5 inch one is obviously 14.00. You can order any flavor/frosting your heart desires. Sugar coma might follow. It makes me sentimental to think about leaving Utah next year where I won't be able to drive to my sister's or see Jason's family nearly as often. I guess a guaranteed job and salary are sort of worth it :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cake walk.

A decision for Ernst and Young has been signed, sealed, and delivered to Roseville accepting the job offer! I feel so grateful to Jason and all his hard work in school, internships, and jobs during college so he could receive this job offer. We both feel that the Sacramento area is where we should be, for who knows how long, and it's so exciting to think about this next adventure in our lives. It is great to know Jason has a job after he graduates and that is a blessing that I will never take for granted. Speaking of jobs, I was struggling to think of where I wanted to work while Jason was finishing up school, since I can't use the excuse of being a student anymore. I dropped my resume off at some local places when we got back from San Jose and about a week later got a call from my favorite cupcake shop, Cupcake Chic in Orem. Turns out they were hiring for part-time and wanted to have me come in for an interview. They offered me a full-time position the same day as my interview and I couldn't believe my luck in finding a job so quickly! I basically get paid to make frosting and bake cookies, which if you know me is something I do at home for fun. I am really enjoying the job so far and not stressing out about commissions or selling in order to make a decent paycheck at Nordstrom is a big relief. Most people are surprised I'm not doing something with my degree and the truth is I didn't earn my degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development to have a career, but to gain the best education on raising a loving family and learning how to have a strong marital relationship. Which is something America is lacking more than employment in my opinion. I have never wanted a career and maybe someday I will, but for right now I am so happy with my job at Cupcake Chic. Come visit me!

Cupcakes made with love.

We also just celebrated our September birthdays! Happy Birthday Jason E&Y (Ernst and Young) Haha.

One year older and wiser too.

Jason got us tickets to So You Think You Can Dance tickets in October! He gets better at gift giving every year. It's crazy to think next year we will be living in Granite Bay and possibly pregnant with twins.

Monday, August 22, 2011

We're back.

Our eight weeks in San Jose went by so fast and we are back to our Provo routine of Cafe Rio, weekends at the condo in Salt Lake with family and my personal favorite, cooking in a real kitchen. Jason at the end of his internship received job offers from two Ernst and Young offices....

San Jose

and Roseville/Granite Bay (Sacramento area)

As everyone knows we originally were planning on starting out in San Jose for 5-8 years so Jason could get his foot in the door and start out in a larger office. But for the past couple months we felt that we should also consider Jason's hometown of Granite Bay/Roseville as a place to settle down and start out. Ever since Jason took me back to his hometown of Granite Bay to propose and seeing the great community he grew up in, I felt that we would return there someday to live and raise our own kids. So after discussing this possibility of starting out in Granite Bay with some of his mentors at Ernst and Young and knowing that we have the option, it is quite a decision to make. Both San Jose and Roseville have pros and cons, San Jose has a considerably higher cost of living and Roseville is a much smaller tax office. Nothing is set in stone yet, and we are incredibly blessed for Jason to receive both offers. We have to make a decision by September and I will keep everyone updated on what we decide!

Monday, July 18, 2011

San Ho-say

That's how I pronounce it anyway. I keep seeing signs around town featuring lyrics from the song "Do you know the way to San Jose." Well maybe I would if there was about seven less highways running through this place. Besides getting lost and turned around everyday, I am enjoying this metropolis. Some random facts about S.J. for you.

-10th most populous city in America, which explains all the highways.
-Also known as Silicon Valley, which I used to think was directly related to the amount of breast augmentations, but it's for technology silly! Due to the fact that Apple, Google, Facebook etc. have their headquarters here. Nerds congregate together I guess.
-Cost of living is one of the highest in the nation $$$ My least favorite aspect about San Jose..

The weather has been beautiful almost everyday and one of my favorite things to do is eat lunch or dinner outside enjoying the California breeze and sunshine. I love having food that wasn't prepared in a chain restaurant, except for the occasional Chipotle run, and the close proximity to San Francisco, Sacramento and beach areas like Santa Cruz. The only downside to our summer here is the extended stay hotel we live in. Our first night here there was a trail of spicy hot cheetos in the hallway and our bed was FILLED with hairs. Jason swears there is a strong smell of urine near the bed and we obviously have to walk around with our shoes on. It's not home but I feel like we will be able to look back and laugh at this living situation one day. Jason is throughly enjoying projects at Ernst and Young for accounts like Facebook and is an intern in the international tax office. I have been working at the local Nordstrom for the anniversary sale and finally feel accustomed to having so many customers in one day, compared to the non-existent traffic of the Orem Nordstrom. We are happy and excited for our future here, sans a hair filled bed and urine smell.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Post Grad

Well it's only taken me two months since I've walked across the graduation stage to write a post about it. I was so blessed and truly lucky to have attended BYU. It not only gave me what I consider the best education available, but a spouse to boot.

Celebratory jumping photo! It was only appropriate.

Shaking hands with the deans of the Family life college. Thank you and goodbye.

BYU also gave me one of my best friends! We started this whole shin-dig together the first day of freshman orientation and finished at graduation. How we passed our classes freshman year with all the crazy things we did still remains a mystery...

Finishing my degree made possible by the following people...Heidi Ann, my foxy Florida soulmate and BBF4E. I am so glad she decided to move out to Utah and keep me company and sane these past four years.

My Dad and Vicki. I am grateful for the examples they have been to me throughout my life and for raising nine crazy kids.

This second set of parents of mine, who are nothing but supportive and loving. I wrote many papers on marriage and relationships based on their experience and advice. I probably would have quit school long ago if it wasn't for that guy next to me. To say Jason encouraged me and helped me stay positive is a severe understatement. It's cliche but I understand how someone can be your "rock" because he is mine.

My mommy, the first person I would call after doing awful on a test or two. She has an uncanny ability to see the good in life. Holly, who always believed I would get into BYU when everyone else wasn't so sure, including myself. She's a keeper and understands me in a way no one else does.

We used graduation as an excuse to partay! These are some of my beautiful sisters who attended.

Big thanks to Scott, Linda, my mom, Holly, Marissa, and everyone who helped organize and set everything up for the party! There are obviously many other family and friends who were supportive and helpful in finishing my degree and I'm so grateful to you all.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

blast from the past and present.

It is so interesting to look at pictures and see how much people have changed over the years. It makes me laugh at how much older my friends, husband and I look. Examples below..(sorry I can't figure out how to make it not underline everything)

Oh dear. Hiking Y mountain as a freshman, I guess the pose gives that away.

I thought there was only supposed to be one awkward stage in life. Apparently, I had a few.

Don't worry it only took me 2 1/2 years to realize it.

Our birthday dinner! One of my favorites of us. September 2010.

Dating and first outdoor adventure together. Never again. Summer 2008.

Jungle Party 2008, this crocodile hunter outfit had me sold. Alas, still awkward.

Europe trip 2010. Together in Paris.

My sister's wedding! March 2011. I love this time in our lives where we are young, in love, and finally look appropriate in pictures. :) Upcoming post: GRADUATION.