Wednesday, April 27, 2011

blast from the past and present.

It is so interesting to look at pictures and see how much people have changed over the years. It makes me laugh at how much older my friends, husband and I look. Examples below..(sorry I can't figure out how to make it not underline everything)

Oh dear. Hiking Y mountain as a freshman, I guess the pose gives that away.

I thought there was only supposed to be one awkward stage in life. Apparently, I had a few.

Don't worry it only took me 2 1/2 years to realize it.

Our birthday dinner! One of my favorites of us. September 2010.

Dating and first outdoor adventure together. Never again. Summer 2008.

Jungle Party 2008, this crocodile hunter outfit had me sold. Alas, still awkward.

Europe trip 2010. Together in Paris.

My sister's wedding! March 2011. I love this time in our lives where we are young, in love, and finally look appropriate in pictures. :) Upcoming post: GRADUATION.


  1. hahahaha i look at old pictures of us everyday. we definitely look better now. hahaha love it.

  2. I want you to teach me how to look appropriate in pictures! My awkward stages are many and always changing. You should be my fashion guru.

  3. Love the pictures Lindsey! Great smiling Jason :)