Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Never suppress a generous thought.

I heard this quote in church and tucked it away as something to remember everyday. Lately, we have been progressing towards an upcoming graduation and move to San Jose, living life to the fullest. This is what we have been up to in these parts.

BYU basketball games. It's a pretty big deal here. We like to think of them as FHE.

Cougars fo life.

So this is a player on the basketball team. He was ahead of me in line at the testing center and has the biggest booty I have ever seen. I thought for sure he was hiding a watermelon in the back of his sweatpants.

My sister Kat is getting married! Katy, our sister-in-law, and I threw her a bridal shower last weekend and even though most of our other female family members couldn't be there, we had a great time. Hopefully Kat did too, congratulations future Mrs. Tilby!

These are the cupcakes I made for the party. One day I will have time to make homemade fondant and create some real beauties. I thought these turned out cute and appropriate for the shower.

Food table. So chic.

Tiffany, our other sister, sent Kat a bedazzled bikini bottom along with a bunch of other thoughtful, sexy, fun gifts. She is a creative genius that one.

We also just celebrated Linda's birthday at one of our favorite restaurants. It is so fun to have Jason's parents close by and we love spending time with our family.

This picture captures a beautiful moment.

I had a dilemma last weekend when a ward activity I was in charge of was taking place at the same time as Kat's shower. No one from my committee could go to replace me and I was really stressed about what to do. My generous mantra must have rubbed off on Jason because he volunteered to go and organize the whole activity for me so I wouldn't miss the shower. The real shocker was the activity took place at the same time as a BYU NCAA tournament basketball game, any wife of a sports fanatic understands the importance of this. My kind husband still went and missed watching his favorite team play and WIN IT, and if that isn't love, I don't know what is.