Sunday, February 27, 2011

14th of February

We had a very laid back Valentine's day. I hope one day we can take a trip, get massages, or do anything that doesn't involve a chain restaurant and studying for a test. Not that I'm complaining, time is very limited that Jason isn't working on a project, at work or fulfilling his EQP duties. I love this holiday and having a day dedicated to showing someone you love them. I love Jason, he is so dedicated to our future and making me happy everyday.

Eating at P.F. Changs!

Jason got me the Nordstrom bracelet on my wrist, a gift card to my favorite cupcake shop and chocolates! He knows me very well.

All in all it was a great day. We are still in love after more than 2 years HOO-RAH.

Sundance Tradition

The Sundance film festival is by far one of the best aspects of living in Utah. This was the fourth year my friends and I braved the snow and slush for the glimpse of a celebrity and hopefully access into a film. Unfortunately, we didn't make it into a movie this time but still had fun nonetheless. I will miss this tradition a lot after we all move on from college.

Jason couldn't come but Emily and Dustin let me hang out with them all day. It was very much appreciated.
Sara, Tyler and Rachel. Tyler and Rachel just got engaged!
My lovely friends. They got me through college. Well, Jason helped a little too I guess.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Long time no see...

I am finally cleaning out the cobwebs on this blog and writing a new post. We have been a tad bit busy and to be honest I have to be in a certain state of mind to sit down and devote three hours to updating this thing. You understand, don't you? Maybe Tiff doesn't :) These are just a few of the things Jason and I have been up to..

After much thought and multiple internship offers from EVERY firm Jason interviewed with, yes I'm bursting with pride, we decided to accept an offer from Ernst and Young in San Jose, California. Jason has been studying 24-7 so he can accurately do your taxes, please appreciate this effort.

Workin it, and I don't mean on the dance floor.

We are also enrolled in a little thing called college. I thought Jimmer was a good representation of BYU, until I have a picture of me in a cap and gown. April 21-22 everyone. Jason won't graduate until April 2012, but he will have a masters degree alongside his bachelors so it will be worth the extra year in Provo!

Since I haven't updated in months, I had to include pictures of the most amazing trip we took with my in-laws last August. We went to Paris, Amsterdam and Dublin and these pictures don't come close to capturing everything we experienced. Look on Facebook for full albums!
Dublin was a wild and crazy time!

Beautiful castles and landscapes at every turn.

The Netherlands was where my brother-in-law, Jeff, served his mission. The reason for the trip to europe was to visit the people he taught the gospel to and seeing where he lived for two years. He was a great tour guide and speaks dutch just as good as any of the locals.
PARIS. We all ate pastries and visited museums around the clock. This is the gardens at Versailles palace. The palace was beyond words.
I had to get this picture. I love my husband.

So back to reality in Utah...
We have attended the occasional Jazz game...

and back in December we celebrated our two year anniversary!

Phew, I think I just hit the three hour mark. Thanks for your patience and please don't give up on checking this blog :) We are so blessed and have many exciting times coming up in our future.