Monday, August 22, 2011

We're back.

Our eight weeks in San Jose went by so fast and we are back to our Provo routine of Cafe Rio, weekends at the condo in Salt Lake with family and my personal favorite, cooking in a real kitchen. Jason at the end of his internship received job offers from two Ernst and Young offices....

San Jose

and Roseville/Granite Bay (Sacramento area)

As everyone knows we originally were planning on starting out in San Jose for 5-8 years so Jason could get his foot in the door and start out in a larger office. But for the past couple months we felt that we should also consider Jason's hometown of Granite Bay/Roseville as a place to settle down and start out. Ever since Jason took me back to his hometown of Granite Bay to propose and seeing the great community he grew up in, I felt that we would return there someday to live and raise our own kids. So after discussing this possibility of starting out in Granite Bay with some of his mentors at Ernst and Young and knowing that we have the option, it is quite a decision to make. Both San Jose and Roseville have pros and cons, San Jose has a considerably higher cost of living and Roseville is a much smaller tax office. Nothing is set in stone yet, and we are incredibly blessed for Jason to receive both offers. We have to make a decision by September and I will keep everyone updated on what we decide!