Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cake walk.

A decision for Ernst and Young has been signed, sealed, and delivered to Roseville accepting the job offer! I feel so grateful to Jason and all his hard work in school, internships, and jobs during college so he could receive this job offer. We both feel that the Sacramento area is where we should be, for who knows how long, and it's so exciting to think about this next adventure in our lives. It is great to know Jason has a job after he graduates and that is a blessing that I will never take for granted. Speaking of jobs, I was struggling to think of where I wanted to work while Jason was finishing up school, since I can't use the excuse of being a student anymore. I dropped my resume off at some local places when we got back from San Jose and about a week later got a call from my favorite cupcake shop, Cupcake Chic in Orem. Turns out they were hiring for part-time and wanted to have me come in for an interview. They offered me a full-time position the same day as my interview and I couldn't believe my luck in finding a job so quickly! I basically get paid to make frosting and bake cookies, which if you know me is something I do at home for fun. I am really enjoying the job so far and not stressing out about commissions or selling in order to make a decent paycheck at Nordstrom is a big relief. Most people are surprised I'm not doing something with my degree and the truth is I didn't earn my degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development to have a career, but to gain the best education on raising a loving family and learning how to have a strong marital relationship. Which is something America is lacking more than employment in my opinion. I have never wanted a career and maybe someday I will, but for right now I am so happy with my job at Cupcake Chic. Come visit me!

Cupcakes made with love.

We also just celebrated our September birthdays! Happy Birthday Jason E&Y (Ernst and Young) Haha.

One year older and wiser too.

Jason got us tickets to So You Think You Can Dance tickets in October! He gets better at gift giving every year. It's crazy to think next year we will be living in Granite Bay and possibly pregnant with twins.