Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Folks.

I can't think of anyone who doesn't love fall. Especially in a state like Utah where you get to experience the leaves changing and all the fun holidays that come after the fall season. Jason is busy studying in classes like Gifts and Estate Tax and constantly asks me to write his humanities papers (fat chance). I am throughly enjoying being covered in frosting and smelling like cookies after work. We have had a few family events the past couple months and I'm glad I have my iphone to chronicle and photograph these moments. Hurrah technology and R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Jason is still in mourning.

I finally finished my summer project, a gray, yellow, and black themed photo montage! I guess this is what people do before they have babies. I'm not usually into interior decorating or crafty things but I really craved something unique on our bare wall. I painted about half of these frames, sorry about the awkward angle I tried to get a picture without a glare.

We have a new member in the Howell family! Jeff, the youngest brother, married his high school sweetheart from Granite Bay in the Salt Lake Temple. We are so happy for them! I love this picture of Caitlin and her dad, so sweet.

The newest sister!

Jason and Chad, groomsmen and brothers for life.

Holly and the kids came up for the wedding and heart-attacked our door on their way home! It almost made me cry the hearts were adorable, hilarious and very thoughtful from my nieces and nephews. I felt so loved.

My mom came out to visit Holly and we used it as an excuse for a wild and crazy foodie weekend in Vegas! Seriously we ate so well and so much. This stud is Scott Conant, Food Network chef and we ate the most delicious ravioli and caramel budino dessert at his restaurant. Calories will remain unknown. Peace, love and pasta indeed Scott.

We had a little too much fun without our husbands...

On another food note, look how cute this cake is. I can't handle it. Order one from Cupcake Chic, 9 inch is 42.00, 7 inch is 28.00 and this 5 inch one is obviously 14.00. You can order any flavor/frosting your heart desires. Sugar coma might follow. It makes me sentimental to think about leaving Utah next year where I won't be able to drive to my sister's or see Jason's family nearly as often. I guess a guaranteed job and salary are sort of worth it :)