Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gone til November.

October seriously flew by, as I took down my Halloween decor today I realized next Halloween we will be in Granite Bay! I do that a lot, think about something that will be our "last" in Provo and get really excited or sad. Last Thanksgiving near family, sad. Last time it takes twenty minutes to travel 3 miles on University Pkwy and avenue, ecstatic! Last time I have to live within a stone's throw of University of Utah fans, there are no words to describe my delight. We attended a few Halloween parties and instead of spending money I pulled out a couple little treasures from my costume box. Sorry there are no pictures of us, Jason wore a Mexican wrestling mask, a la Nacho Libre. I was a 50s girl with a poodle skirt from middle school and fake glasses. The day after Halloween I realized I should have been this..

A rap group called LMFAO, unless you haven't turned on the radio in two years you have heard their big hit, Party Rock, many times. I could have been the guy on the right wearing some painted plastic glasses, bright shirt and skinny jeans and using my natural hair's only redeeming quality, fro out my curls like nobody's business. Here's to hoping they are still popular next year!

On another note, our Grandpa Skanchy passed away on Monday. He was a patriarch for our church and the kindest man. He will be greatly missed, but there isn't a doubt in my mind that we won't be thinking about him every time we visit the temple, since he frequently took his grandchildren and was so knowledgable about the gospel.

Jason is doing great in school, and I'm still really enjoying my job. Except I have to make more trips to the gym. We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in St. George with family!


  1. So sad to hear of Jason's grandfather. He is a wonderful man.

  2. Oh I'm so excited I found your blog, I live in Rocklin! I found your blog through Nat the Fat Rat. Just started following your blog, hope you do the same back :)